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Idyllic Aegean with 7-Night Cruise

The locals say that the best way to drink a glass of ouzo, the Greek anise-infused liquor, is with a cool splash of water. This refreshing tour of Greece creates a big splash with an enlightening tour of Athens followed by a 7-night cruise to the Greek Isles and Turkey. Walk in the footsteps of celebrated philosophers, run down the same paths as ancient Olympians, and then dive into the ancient ruins and resorts of the Aegean where legendary harbors, charming villages, and pristine beaches await. From the vibrant volcanic island of Milos to the whitewashed villas of Santorini, and from wonder-filled Crete to the modern getaway of Mykonos, it’s hard to say which sparkles more - the crystal-clear water of the Aegean or the hidden jewels along its storied shores.

Highlights of Idyllic Aegean with 7-Night Cruise

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Port Taxes $269 & Gratuities $70 to service personnel on board the ship as well as gratuities for Cruise Host are included in the Globus price.

Travelers Notes

We’ve packed everything you need for the perfect vacation—from hand-selected hotels and dining to the friendly expertise of Globus Tour Directors and Local Guides (with headsets to hear every word), to seamless transportation between destinations and VIP access to the world’s most iconic sites! Touring by private, first-class, air-conditioned motorcoach with free Wi-Fi.

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Idyllic Aegean


Acropolis Athens|Ephesus


Welcome drink in Athens; full buffet breakfast in Athens and full à-la-carte breakfasts, lunches, and dinners while cruising


Day 1

ARRIVE IN ATHENS, GREECE Welcome to Athens! At 6 pm, meet your Globus Host and traveling companions for a welcome drink.


Day 2

ATHENS Marvels & Myths ATHENS Guided sightseeing includes a visit to the Acropolis and a stop at the Panathenaic Stadium. Free time this afternoon and evening. (B)

HISTORIC SPOTS Explore the heart of Ancient Greece, in the historic empire where 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, never fail to amaze! See the Panathenaic Stadium one of the venues of the first modern Olympic Games.


Day 3

ATHENS (EMBARKATION) Beyond the Shore ATHENS Embark on your Greek Islands cruise. (B,D)

PICTURE PERFECT Set sail from Athens for a captivating course on the blue Aegean Sea to explore the exquisite beauty of the Greek islands and Turkey. Marvel at the beauty of the island of Mykonos, also known as the island of the winds, revel in the unspoiled panoramas of Patmos, the magic of medieval Rhodes, Minoan Crete, and serene Santorini- with a special stop on the Turkish coast to see the amazingly preserved Greek, Roman and Byzantine excavations of Ephesus.


Day 4

CRUISING: THESSANLONIKI Island Life & Times THESSALONIKI Enjoy free time to explore. (B,L,D)

EXPLORE MORE with leisure time in the Greek port city of Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea. You’ll find remnants of fascinating Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history in this cultural capital of Greece. Dine on delicious Greek specialties and wander the lively streets, or simply stretch out on the shore to take it all in.


Day 5

CRUISING: KUSADASI, TURKEY Turkish Treasures KUSADASI Visit the excavations of Ephesus. (B,L,D)

HISTORIC SPOT Pull into port in Turkey to explore the fascinating Greek, Roman, and Byzantine excavations of Ephesus - one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world – with the historic ruins of the Library of Celsus, the Basilica of St. John, and the Temple of Artemis.


Day 6

CRUISING: HERAKLION, CRETE Greek Mythology & Marvels HERAKLION Visit the Minoan Palace of Knossos. (B,L,D)

MYTHS & LEGENDS Marvel at the architecture of the Palace of Knossos in Crete’s city of Heraklion. Here, you’ll envision epic tales of Greek mythology- the Labyrinth, the Minotaur half-man/half-beast, and the legends of Daedalus and Icarus.


Day 7

CRUISING: SANTORINI, GREECE Sun, Sand & Sea SANTORINI Free time.(weather permitting) (B,L,D)

PICTURE PERFECT With its postcard- like scenery, the lofty volcanic footprint of Santorini’s Oia caldera landscape embodies the essence of the Cyclades Islands. Spend free time amid the azure seas and white and blue houses that line the maze of alleyways.


Day 8

CRUISING: MYKONOS Mediterranean Magic MYKONOS Enjoy free time exploring Mykonos. (B,L,D)

CULTURAL GEMS Your dreams of the Greek Islands come true with free time in Mykonos. This Aegean paradise of pristine waters and beaches, mixed with a lively nightlife scene is only made brighter by the iconic 16th-century windmills that dot the hillside above.


Day 9

MILOS Goddess of Love MILOS Enjoy free time to explore. (B,L,D)

NATURAL WONDERS Like love, Milos is both beautiful and dramatic in nature, with its enticing beaches and volcanic terrain. Here, an iconic statue was found hundreds of years ago – known as the famous Venus de Milo – a tribute to the Greek goddess Aphrodite.


Day 10

ATHENS (DISEMBARKATION) Amazing Athens ATHENS Disembark your ship for a free day in Athens. (B)

EXPLORE MORE There are countless ways to enjoy free time in the birthplace of democracy, arts, science, and the philosophy of western civilization! Explore the urban landscapes and lively restaurants in this historic capital and enjoy the sunny slopes of this iconic city. Stroll in the shadow of the Acropolis in the village atmosphere of Plaka. Walk along the narrow cobblestone streets to browse jewelry stores and ceramics shops, then linger in a sidewalk café or taverna to celebrate your Greek adventure.


Day 11

ATHENS Safe travels until we meet again! Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (B)



# Air Start Date Land Start Date Land End Date Land Only Price Discount Final Departure Code Status
1 2024-08-21 2024-08-22 2024-09-01 $3500 $0 $3839 RL40822 Please Call
2 2024-08-28 2024-08-29 2024-09-08 $3520 $350 $3509 RL40829 Available
3 2024-09-04 2024-09-05 2024-09-15 $3660 $350 $4483 RL40905 Available
4 2024-09-11 2024-09-12 2024-09-22 $3660 $350 $4091 RL40912 Available
5 2024-09-18 2024-09-19 2024-09-29 $3660 $350 $4091 RL40919 Available
6 2024-09-25 2024-09-26 2024-10-06 $3630 $350 $4453 RL40926 Available
7 2024-10-02 2024-10-03 2024-10-13 $3560 $350 $4383 RL41003 Available
8 2025-05-21 2025-05-22 2025-06-01 $3890 $0 $4289 RL50522 Available
9 2025-05-28 2025-05-29 2025-06-08 $3890 $250 $4039 RL50529 Available
10 2025-06-04 2025-06-05 2025-06-15 $3890 $0 $4229 RL50605 Available
11 2025-06-11 2025-06-12 2025-06-22 $3890 $0 $4671 RL50612 Available
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13 2025-06-25 2025-06-26 2025-07-06 $3890 $0 $4289 RL50626 Available
14 2025-07-02 2025-07-03 2025-07-13 $3890 $0 $4229 RL50703 Available
15 2025-07-09 2025-07-10 2025-07-20 $3890 $0 $5063 RL50710 Available
16 2025-07-16 2025-07-17 2025-07-27 $3890 $0 $4613 RL50717 Available
17 2025-08-27 2025-08-28 2025-09-07 $3910 $0 $4249 RL50828 Available
18 2025-09-03 2025-09-04 2025-09-14 $4060 $0 $5233 RL50904 Available
19 2025-09-10 2025-09-11 2025-09-21 $4060 $0 $4783 RL50911 Available
20 2025-09-17 2025-09-18 2025-09-28 $4060 $0 $4783 RL50918 Available
21 2025-09-24 2025-09-25 2025-10-05 $4030 $0 $4369 RL50925 Available
22 2025-10-01 2025-10-02 2025-10-12 $3960 $0 $4299 RL51002 Available


# Name Description City Address Rating
1 Stanley Hotel Located in Athens city center and just few steps away from Metaxourgeio Metro Station, this hotel offers 380 air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, and a balcony. The hotel features a roof garden with a nice pool area, an open-air lounge bar and a restaurant, from where guests can also enjoy lovely views of the Acropolis, Mount Lycabettus and the Saronic Gulf. Among its amenities you can also find a well-equipped fitness center and a sauna. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout. Athens 1 Odysseos St, at Karaiskaki Square Superior First-Class
CLIA member
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