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World’s Most Visited Beaches You Can Consider For Your Next Vacation

November 29, 2017BlogComments Off on World’s Most Visited Beaches You Can Consider For Your Next Vacation

Are you looking for a vacation getaway where you can just relax and enjoy the water and sandy beaches? Most people dream of having a vacation by the ocean but this often turns to be a nightmare especially when they discover later that their destination is full of other people looking for the same pleasures. If you are planning for your next beach vacation, you need to take some time to find out more about the beach you are to visit to ensure you find the perfect spot you can enjoy the serenity you are so much looking for.

The good news is that there are a bunch of undiscovered beaches out there that offer the best hideaways for a perfect beach vacation. You can get the help of an international travel agency in Nashville to help find the best beach destination since they are already very familiar with the best vacation locations. Let take a look at the best beaches you can consider for your next vacation.

Grand Haven, Michigan

Lake Michigan has an old-time feel which makes it a perfect destination for people looking for a laid back vacation. The beaches here are flocked by fisherman and boaters, as well as hikers who enjoy climbing the nearby Rosy Mound that includes stairs that go all the way down to shore of Lake Michigan where you can find spectacular sand dunes. The lake has warm shallows for swimming and the beach has soft sand that squeaks when one walks on it. The beach comes alive after sunset and this is the time local businesses operate which include shops, ice cream parlors and local restaurants. There are a variety of hotels in the area with a beachfront you can choose from.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

The Lord Howe Island is a well-kept secret in the Pacific Ocean Island that lies among Sydney cognoscenti. This location is capped at 400 and most people get around using bicycles and streetlights are a rarity. The Lord Howe Island was born from a volcano that erupted 7 million years ago to form the magnificent brooding basalt-stack mountains that plunge into the sea. Visitors enjoy a variety of activities by the beach like snorkeling or take a walk along the vibrant coral-reef lagoons that are jaw dropping. At the island’s Ned beach, you have an opportunity to hand-feed the kingfish and also enjoy the sight of turtles that laze on the sand.

Pyla-sur-Mer, France

This beach destinations draws in avid beach lovers and hikers. The beach comes alive at night when both locals and tourists gather to enjoy the evening breeze as they eat seafood dishes such as scallops with glazed beets and cod in a coconut-and-lime emulsion. There is also a lively bar that serves tapas and mojitos for those who prefer to burn the midnight oil. France is considered as the country for lovers and this famous beach location makes a perfect destination for couples.

Salema, Portugal

The Salema beach is located between two steep cliffs by the Atlantic shore break. The beach is in a small fishing village and provides the perfect getaway destination for people looking to disengage from the busy day to day life. Salema is one of the few places that are still authentic and lack sophisticated luxuries which give tourists the much needed serenity they are looking for. There is only one main street in Salema that is filled with white stucco houses. The outdoor market in the area has a dozen places where one can drink and eat.

Bethany Beach, Delaware

This one of the best family beaches in the world and is known as the Quiet Resorts. The beach offers seven miles of Atlantic Ocean where visitors can swim, boat and fish. The lodges in the area are designed to cater to the family friendly crowd. It is also an ideal destination for people seeking a calming and relaxing vacation.

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