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Turkish Delight

Conquer your bucket list to walk in the footsteps of ancient Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Ottomans and the Turks themselves. Begin your escorted tour of Turkey in the historic city of Istanbul. Soak in the history and diverse cultures along its tree-lined boulevards, and in its cafés, and sophisticated eateries. Continue your Turkish vacation with indelible sights and historic Byzantine monuments that evoke an era of innovation. Discover rock-carved chapels, fortifications, and monasteries from Ozkonak and Goreme to the stories of the Silk Road in Sultanhani. Feel your head spin with a visit to the Mevlana Monastery Museum where 13th-century Whirling Dervishes were founded by the mystic Persian poet Rumi. Hear the tales of Troy where Trojans marched, and a magnificent wooden horse remains a legend worldwide. And take in the countless natural wonders of Turkey with dramatic landscapes, breathtaking views, rose-hued rock formations, and the serene, pristine beaches of the “turquoise coast” on the Turkish Riviera. Raise a cup of Turkish coffee, soak in the Mediterranean Sea, and toast your timeless vacation in Turkey!

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We’ve packed everything you need for the perfect vacation—from hand-selected hotels and dining to the friendly expertise of Globus Tour Directors and Local Guides (with headsets to hear every word), to seamless transportation between destinations and VIP access to the world’s most iconic sites! Touring by private, first-class, air-conditioned motorcoach with free Wi-Fi.

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Globus offers Small-Group Discoveries on select dates. A Small-Group Discovery is limited to an average of just 24 guests per departure. There’s always room to roam with extra space between you and other travelers—while still getting up close and personal to the experiences you’ve been dreaming of. Small-Group Discoveries include all the features of a traditional Globus Europe escorted tour, complete with expert Tour Director, Driver, and Local Guides who ensure that your health and safety is our top priority. A Small-Group Discovery trip is the perfectly sized tour—without the crowds.

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Turkish Delight

Private Touring

6 guests in a party: $1,644*
18 guests in a party: $341*


Archaeological Site of Troy|Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia|Hierapolis-Pamukkale|Historic Centre of Istanbul


Day 1

ARRIVE IN ISTANBUL, TURKEY Welcome to Istanbul! At 6 pm, meet your Tour Director and travel companions for a welcome dinner. (D)


Day 2

ISTANBUL East meets West ISTANBUL A full day guided sightseeing includes visits to the Roman Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and [LF] visit the underground Basilica Cistern. (B)

HISTORIC SPOT The Basilica Cistern, also known locally as “the sunken palace,” is the underground cistern built during the Byzantine Empire to supply water to parts of the then city of Constantinople. An incredible structure with 336 pillars holding up a magnificent vaulted ceiling over an artificial freshwater lake. It can be classed as an early example of recycling as the builders made use of stone structures from earlier temples – one of the most famous “recycled stones”, that can still be seen, is the upside down head of Medusa.


Day 3

ISTANBUL–ANKARA Heart of Turkey ISTANBUL Visit the Grand Bazaar. Enjoy [LF] a traditional Turkish coffee experience at an historical coffee roaster.
ANKARA Visit the Mausoleum of Ataturk. (B,D)
277 mi / 445 km

CULTURE & TRADITIONS Founded by the Greeks as Byzantium more than 2,500 years ago, and finally called Istanbul after the Ottoman conquest in the 15th century, the city on the Bosporus remains one of the most exciting places in the world. Its strategic location as a gateway between Orient and Occident, the Islamic and the Christian worlds, and the Black Sea and the Mediterranean predestined it for a turbulent yet exciting history.


Day 4

ANKARA–OZKONAK–CAPPADOCIA Going Underground ANKARA Visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations
OZKONAK Guided visit of the underground city.
CAPPADOCIA Free-time this evening. (B,D)
217 mi / 350 km

ARCHITECTURAL FEATS In 1972 a local farmer was curious as to why the excess crop water disappeared so fast - it was the start of the discovery of Ozkonak underground city. Carved into the volcanic rock around the 4th century BC, this city was formed of 10 levels and built to protect about 60 000 people from religious persecution and war. To ensure they could all survive for up to 3 months the city had its own ventilation system, water supply and moving stone doors with a hot oil defence system. Any attackers trying to enter the city would be stopped in their tracks by the hot oil being poured over their heads!


Day 5

CAPPADOCIA: EXCURSION TO GOREME, PIGEON VALLEY & RED VALLEY Rock of Ages GOREME Visit the open-air museum to see the rock-cut chapels and monasteries.
PASABAG VALLEY See the earth pillars in the middle of a vineyard.
PIGEON VALLEY Enjoy views of this distinctive landscape.
RED VALLEY Admire the beautiful valley with its rose-hued rock. Later stop to take photos of Uchisar Castle. (B,D)
16 mi / 25 km

NATURAL WONDER Set on a high dry plateau in Central Turkey, the surreal landscape of Cappadocia looks like it comes straight from a Hollywood sci fi movie. Instead lava, volcanic ash and natural erosion caused by wind and rain have been forming it for millions of years - sculpting the famous fairy chimneys, the pigeon houses, the tabletop mountains and the badlands with the weaving rock formations.


Day 6

CAPPADOCIA–SULTANHANI–KONYA The Silk Road SULTANHANI Visit the Caravanserai, an historic stopover on the Silk Road.
KONYA Visit Karatay Medrese and Mevlana Monastery of the Dervishes which is now a museum. (B,D)
149 mi / 240 km

MUSIC & MEDITATION Originating from Sufis, a mystical branch of Islam, Whirling Dervishes date back to the 13th century when they were founded by the mystic Persian poet Rumi, the Mevlana Monastery Museum was one of their original lodges. Instantly recognisable in their white gowns, they spin around with their right hand reaching for heaven. A form of active meditation this ritual allows them to abandon their ego, listen to music and focus on God.


Day 7

KONYA–ANTALYA Pearl of the Mediterranean ANTALYA – Stop at Upper Duden Falls and guided walk of the Old Town. (B)
168 mi / 270 km

CULTURAL GEM Founded by the Greeks, and later an important Roman port, Antalya today is a popular resort, the gateway to the Turkish Riviera, known for its sunny weather, stunning coastline and beaches, and crystal blue waters from which it gains the nickname the “Turquoise Coast.” There are also plenty of cultural sites to visit such as Hadrians Gate and the Old Town.


Day 8

ANTALYA An Architectural Love Duel ANTALYA Free day to explore on your own. (B)

EXPLORE MORE The day is yours to do as you choose - discover more of Antalya, have a lazy day on the coast or why not take advantage of an excursion to Aspendos to see some fantastic examples of Roman architecture. Legend says it was founded by refugees from Troy and that two of its most prominent structures were built by two love rivals. The King announced that he who built the structure most useful to Aspendos could marry his daughter. One built the aqueduct and the other the theater, both are still standing today. Whilst the aqueduct was the most useful, the King was amazed that from the back of the theater he could hear the architect whisper, “You should let your daughter marry me,” and he did.


Day 9

ANTALYA–PAMUKKALE The Cotton Castle PAMUKKALE – Visit the ancient city of Hieropolis founded as a thermal resort around 190 BC. See the stunning travertine terraces with the thermal water pools. (B,D)
149 mi / 240 km

NATURAL WONDER When the mineral rich thermal waters that flowed down the valley side, cooled, and hardened, a series of bright white travertine terraces were formed, each containing a thermal pool. This incredible sight gave the area its name – Pamukkale “Cotton Castle.” The Romans also took advantage of the thermal springs and founded the spa town of Hieropolis close by.


Day 10

PAMUKKALE–EPHESUS–IZMIR Ancient Civilization Preserved EPHESUS Follow your Guide for a walk through the ancient ruins and the archaeological museum. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.
IZMIR Orientation tour upon arrival (B,L)
186 mi / 300 km

HISTORIC SPOTS Ephesus was one of the most famous cities of the ancient Mediterranean. It was the second biggest city of the Roman Empire and today it is one of the largest Roman archaeological sites in the eastern Mediterranean.


Day 11

IZMIR Elevated Views IZMIR Free day to explore on your own. (B)

CULTURAL GEM Considered one of Turkey’s hidden gems, Izmir is a cultural hub located on the Aegean Sea. It offers lots of cultural and historical sites to visit such as the Agora, the Hisar Mosque, the clock tower and Konak Square. Take a ride up the historical elevator to its terrace for a stunning view of the city and the coastline, do some shopping at the Bazaar or try out some of the local seafood specialities.


Day 12

IZMIR–PERGAMUM–TROY AREA A Gift Horse & A God of Healing PERGAMUM Guided visit of the Asklepion, a shrine to the Greek God of medicine.
TROY Guided visit of the excavations and see the symbolic wooden Trojan Horse that commemorates the Trojan War. (B,D)
211 mi / 340 km

HEALING THE BODY &THE SOUL Nestled between hills, the Asklepion retains a sense of serenity and history. The sick approached the temple via the Sacred Way, a path that started their journey to health determined according to what dreams the patience experienced and which also included theatre shows. All of this was done in the belief that healing was a sacred art and that people’s souls needed to be mended as well as their bodies


Day 13

TROY AREA–GALLIPOLI–ISTANBUL Bravery on the Beach GALLIPOLI Visit the WWI battlefields on the Gallipoli peninsula, the Anzac Cemetery and the Lone Pine Memorial before crossing the Dardanelless by ferry.
ISTANBUL Free time this afternoon. Farewell dinner at a local restaurant. (B,D)
230 mi / 370 km

HISTORY & HERITAGE Visit the moving and inspirational sites, where Allied troops, mainly Australians and New Zealanders, suffered heavy casualties in a disastrous campaign. Pay tribute to the heroes of those tragic months of 1915 at the Anzac Cemetery and the Lone Pine Memorial.


Day 14

ISTANBUL Safe travels until we meet again! Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (B)



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# Name Description City Address Rating
1 Renaissance Istanbul Polat Bosphorus The Renaissance Istanbul Polat Bosphorus Hotel offers 213 luxurious air-conditioned rooms, all fully furnished with a flat-screen TV, mini-bar, complimentary toiletries, an electric kettle and a coffee maker. The on-site Bar and Restaurant offer breakfast and an à la carte menu of Mediterranean food and Turkish specialties to combine with drinks and cocktails. The hotel also provides a beautiful Spa & wellness center with fitness area, an indoor pool and Jacuzzi. Istanbul Barbaros Blv.145 Superior First-Class
2 Latanya Hotel Located in the heart of Ankara, Latanya Hotel Ankara offers 291 rooms furnished with a flat-screen TV, an electric kettle, a mini-bar, complementary toiletries and a hairdryer. For relaxation there is a Spa & Wellness center with Sauna, a Fitness center as well as an indoor pool. With 3 different Restaurant options, guests can experience the unique taste of traditional Turkish cuisine as well as international cuisine or enjoy a delicious drink at the Palm Pub. Ankara Kavaklidere Mah, Buklum Sok 1 First-Class
3 Barcelo Cappadocia The 173 elegant rooms at Barcelo Cappadocia are designed to offer comfort and feature Free Wi-Fi internet access, complimentary toiletries and smart LCD TVs. Located in Nevsehir, within the historical region of Cappadocia and its underground cities, the hotel has spa services and an on site restaurant and bar offering a mix of both international and local cuisine as well as delicious drinks. Cappadocia Bahçelievler Mah. Nev¿ehir Cd Superior First-Class
4 Dedeman Konya Hotel Convention Center Located next to one of the city's biggest shopping malls, The Dedeman konya Hotel offers 206 air-conditioned rooms, all furnished with a flat-screen TV, a minibar, tea and coffee maker, complimentary toiletries and a hairdryer. The elegant Rooftop Restaurant and Bar offers a panoramic view over the city and serves Turkish and International cuisine. Leisure facilities include an indoor pool, a hot tub, a hammam and Turkish bath. Konya Esenler Mah. Yeni Sille Cad 1 Superior First-Class
5 Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Hotel Ramada Plaza is located on Antalya's seafront promenade and offers 318 air-conditioned rooms with balcony and equipped with an LCD TV, Wi-Fi, mini-bar, Hairdryer, work desk and safe. There are 3 different restaurants to choose from, offering a mix of Italian cuisine and seafood specialties. The hotel also offer a spacious Club SPA with fitness center with sauna and pool. Antalya Fevzi Cakmak Cad 22 Superior First-Class
6 Colossae Thermal & Spa Hotel Featuring thermal pools, an outdoor swimming pool and a spa center, this eco-friendly hotel offers comfortable accommodation just 4 km from the ancient city of Hierapolis. Free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the hotel. All 327 guest rooms are air-conditioned and tastefully decorated and feature balconies. Every room has a mini bar, safe, Wi-Fi internet connection, telephone, hair dryer and complimentary toiletries. The hotel also boasts an in-house restaurant offering a a variety of dishes in an elegant ambience. International dishes as well as traditional Turkish cuisine are served as an open buffet. The adjacent bar also provides a welcoming corner for drinks and snacks. Guests can also relax at the in-house Turkish bath or the solarium. The spa center offers a range of treatmenets and massages. Denizli-Pamukkale Fatih Mh. 112 Sk., 4 First-Class
7 Renaissance Hotel Centrally located in the heart of Izmir, the Renaissance offers 110 air-conditioned rooms featuring a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, complimentary toiletries, a hairdryer and a minibar. This hotel features an indoor pool, Turkish bath and sauna, a fitness center and massage facilities are also available. The à la carte restaurant is located on the rooftop terrace with a delightful view of Izmir Bay and serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Izmir Akdeniz mah Gaziosmanpasa Bulvari 16 Deluxe
8 Doubletree By Hilton Canakkale The centrally located DoubleTree by Hilton provides 155 air-conditioned rooms with kettle/Coffeemaker, minibar, Free toiletries, TV and Wi-Fi. The hotel offers 2 pools, a Spa & Wellness center, and a Fitness center to relaxation. Delicious meals can be savored at the on-site Restaurant. Mega Beach is 2 km away and the Archaeological Museum and Archaeology Museum are both just a short walk away. Canakkale Barbaros Mahallesi, Ataturk 306 Superior First-Class
9 Barcelo Istanbul The 5 star Barcelo Istanbul features 270 rooms and is located in the heart of Istanbul. The hotel offers a spacious spa with sauna, a Turkish bath, gym and a fabulous city view. The rooms feature contemporary style décor by a famous designer, a flat-screen TV, minibar, complimentary toiletries and a Tea/Coffee maker . Local specialties can be enjoyed at the Bar and Restaurant and many restaurants, cafés, shops and art galleries can be found nearby. Istanbul Abdulhak hamit Cad., No: 25/B, Superior First-Class
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