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Top Things To Do And Top Places To See At Turks And Caicos

August 24, 2015BlogComments Off on Top Things To Do And Top Places To See At Turks And Caicos

Turks & Caicos are famous for all the right reasons, including sandy beaches, a relaxing atmosphere and of course the many sightseeing sights. Many of the visitors come here for the thrill of activities like diving in Middle Caicos Caves. And even if you are not into diving, there are still a number of things to make your vacation in Turks & Caicos exciting.

Horseback riding

Ever had to choose between horseback riding and spending time at sea? Well, if you have, you don’t have to worry about this, especially if you’re vacationing in Providenciales. There are several firms that offer horseback excursions both in sea and on land. How cool is that? Being in water on a horse and having the photo to prove it?

Grace Bay


It’s impossible to have the most fun at Grace Bay. The sandy beaches, surf and of course, proximity to a number of restaurants, shopping centers and a golf course are most of what visitors need to fall in love with a place. In addition to sunbathing, vacations can also go reef diving and snorkeling at Bight Beef. Even better is that the beach is public and that means that it’s open every day, at all times of the day.

Cheshire Hall

The former cotton plantation was once owned by a British Loyalist but is now in ruins. What makes it so popular as a historic site is the fact that it’s primal to downtown Provo. The plantation has so much history and there’s a lot that impresses visitors to this place. This includes the Great House, which can be found at the top of the hill and provides a 360 degree view of the farm’s surrounding.

Turks & Caicos National Museum

If you find yourself on this island on a rainy day, you can always tour Turks & Caicos Museum. There’s a wide range of collection to marvel at including those telling the history of the island as well as the story of former slaves that lived on the island. For a museum that small, there’s a lot packed inside to give you an insight into Turks & Caicos history and character. And when you are done with the tour, you can visit the library or buy yourself souvenirs to take back home.

Smith’s Reef

For the experienced and not so experienced snorkeler, Smith’s Reef is a must visit destination while in Turks and Caicos. I mean, who wouldn’t want to swim with turtles, a load of bright colored fish, stingrays and lobsters? You can access the reef either through the north, east or west entrance.

Middle Caicos Caves


Also known as Conch Bar Caves, these caves are famed for being the largest and longest chain of limestone caves in the Caribbean. With some of the caves dating back to the late 1800’s, they are the ultimate story of what the TCI guano-mining period was like. This can be seen from inscriptions of names and dates carved in the wall. Following the discovery of artifacts from Lucayan People, the caves might have been used as a religious site or a shelter at some point in history.

Little Water Cay

Known to some as the Iguana Island, the idea of visiting this place may seem scary. But this is the proud home of the island’s endangered species of rock iguanas. The habitat is under the protection of the Turks & the Caicos National Trust. Little Water Cay can be accessed by boat from Leeward Marina. In addition to kayaking, visitors can also take a stroll along the various boardwalks, snorkel and even sailing.

Governor’s Beach

Located on the southwestern coast of Grand Turk, Governor’s Beach is a great destination for those looking to do a little bit of snorkeling. When you don’t feel up to it, you can always enjoy the outstanding views of the ocean, cruise ships coming and going and of course the governor’s residence. If you are lucky you may spot the odd flamingo. Diving is also a favorite indulgence for v9istors to this place.

Provo Golf Club

A vacation is never complete is you don’t get into golf. Provo Golf Club offers the ultimate golfing experience as it’s the only 18-hole course on the island. The near perfect weather makes it all worth your time. A number of indigenous plants line the fairway and one can occasionally spot pink flamingoes. The aesthetic feel of the course is unmatched and one can start golfing from as early as 7.00 am till sunset.

Taylor Bay

If you are one of those to literally “take a dip,” Taylor Bay has miles of shallow water to accomplish just that. Located on the southwest coastline of Provo, the beach is perfectly safe for children as there are no steep cliffs making it very family friendly. Clear blue waters, ripples of sand and tranquility – what more could you ask for on a holiday to an island like Turks and Caicos?

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