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Top Reasons Why You Should Use A Travel Agency

January 25, 2017BlogComments Off on Top Reasons Why You Should Use A Travel Agency

Using a travel agency may seem to some like an outdated service in this era of the internet and online booking services. What many do not know is that a travel agent is your best chance of getting the best deals around. Here are a few reasons why you should stay ‘old school’ and keep using travel agents.

Travel agents have the best all inclusive vacation deals

Travel agents have been in this business longer than you have and they are experienced in every aspect of the trade. They always know insider details about every destination and are able to offer tips and advice you would not otherwise get from the internet. If you want to travel anywhere in the world, it is always a wise move to talk an international travel agency about an all inclusive vacation from Nashville. Travel agents normally get feedback from their clients and from their travel agent networks all over the world, which beats any internet site – hands down!

They have better leverage

Travel agents have connections with hotels that will get you that room in a hotel that the internet declared as fully booked. They have been dealing with these hotels for a long time and have built a relationship over that time. It is easy for a hotel to say no to an individual, but they recognize the fact that they lose more if they say no to a travel agent. They know if they keep the agent happy, it’ll translate to more business for them.

Save you money and time

Travel agents have the best cost saving tactics you will find anywhere. Through their networks, they will get you the best group discounts far much easier than if you were to do it on your own. They will find you deals and vouchers for eat outs that you would not find on the internet. They are great time savers too in the sense that if your flight gets cancelled or you are not satisfied with your hotel room or rental car, they will help rebook your flight or arrange for a change of room, hotel, or rental car. Nobody minds having someone do things for them!

Benefit from a fall back plan

A travel agent serves as a fall back option should anything go wrong on your trip. You may for example, fall ill and have to cut short your trip. You can be sure to rely on a travel agent to sort things out by booking you flights and organizing your return home. The travel agent always has networks with the local people who are the best option in case of an emergency.

Always in the know and act as matchmakers 

Travel agents have networks in virtually every corner of the globe. This helps them to always know the latest news on every travel destination, thus are able to advice you accordingly. They also act as matchmakers too! This means that they listen to you and your needs, compare that to your lifestyle and match you to a location that will suit you perfectly. Since travel agents are in this business to make money by providing a service, they are not likely to turn down business by admitting they cannot provide a certain service. This will just be pushing you to the competition, so they will go out of their way to provide the service to your exact specifications.

Travelling is fun when you have taken care of all the basic requirements. It is quite frustrating spending hours on the internet researching on travel destinations and the requirements needed. Travel agents have this information at their fingertips and it is both cost effective and time saving to use one. It is easier and much more value for your money to sit back and let someone knowledgeable handle all the details. It makes the travel experience all the more rewarding and hassle free.

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