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Top Questions To Ask Before You Book An All-Inclusive Destination For Your Honeymoon

October 21, 2015BlogComments Off on Top Questions To Ask Before You Book An All-Inclusive Destination For Your Honeymoon

While everyone always looks forward to weddings, every couple always looks forward to that post-wedding honeymoon period. It is not just the idea of being together alone and away from every day distractions that is exciting; the honeymoon also marks a new phase of fun and bliss in the marriage. Therefore, it is important to find an amazing all inclusive vacation from Nashville so that you can have the experience of your lifetime. Here are a few questions to ask before settling on one.

What does this really mean?

all inclusive vacation from Nashville

When booking an all-inclusive resort, you only need to make a single payment, usually a flat rate per person per night. This automatically covers most, if not all of your expenses: transport to and from the hotel, accommodation, meals and drinks, and entertainment. Sometimes, you may need tip off the staff or pay for some extra activities with a little cash from your own pocket. It is important to inquire from the resort what is not included in the package so that you can plan for it in advance.

What are the best destinations for all-inclusive packages?

Look for destinations where the accommodation and meals would cost more if you had to pay for them separately. This will give you a great bargain on the amount of money you will spend for the basic services. Such a package is also ideal in instances where you want a relaxed and easy going vacation with minimal additional activities for you and your partner. Otherwise, you may feel really limited in terms of the number of activities included in the package.

What meals and drinks are included?

Get a copy of the menu offered in the resort prior to the booking. Some restaurants serve the meals in buffet style while others offer them a la carte. Also, if you need certain types of foods like seafood, or special additions, you should inquire whether you will be surcharged. The same goes for room service, as this may be charged separately from the package. When it comes to drinks, most destinations offer wines, beers and hard liquor for your enjoyment. Few of them have a limited stock in the package, while some offer different accompaniments for different meals. Some rooms even have a stocked mini bar to spice up things in the room all day and night.

Is the package fit for a honeymoon experience?

A honeymoon is not like a normal vacation. A honeymoon suite, therefore, should have enhanced features for enjoyment by couples. Look for one that has a Jacuzzi, or one that has romantic views of the ocean or landscape. It should have enough privacy for quality time with your partner. Moreover, they should provide additional luxury items such as roses and scented candles, champagne and wine bottles, and spa and massage services- anything to make your stay as romantic as possible.

Some activities that are custom-made for couples in a honeymoon such as couples’ retreats and special nights may involve many couples and may attract an extra charge. Ask about the kind of entertainment that is offered at night, for example guest bands and dancers. You can also place your own request hence prepare a romantic surprise for your partner.

Can you afford the package?

Make sure that the total cost of the all-inclusive package is well within your financial budget. Avoid incurring additional expenses that you had not planned as you may end up in debt. Better yet, make various comparisons of various destinations before you settle on the final one. Calculate all the expenses as if you were paying for them separately, and compare with the price in the package. Remember, you should always get value for your money.

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