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Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel with Kids

April 2, 2020BlogComments Off on Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel with Kids

Holidays are exciting as one can take a break from the routine and explore their favourite destination. What makes these trips more exciting is when you are on holiday with your family and kids. Venturing with your kids’ can be a whole different experience when it comes to holidays. For some, the thought of taking kids along can be horrifying, but We are here to tell you it is not!

If you break down the trip into manageable steps, you can not only learn to enjoy with your kids but also understand their likings and disliking’s, which can actually bring you closer to them. Without further ado, here are some easy tips that will help you during a trip with the kids.

1) Pre-Book Everything You can-

When you are travelling solo, reaching the destination, exploring it a bit to choose a place to stay is okay, but when you are with kids, it is a bad idea. Of course, you will have your flights booked, but there is so much that needs to be pre-booked besides your flight tickets. Pre-book a hotel when you are with kids so that you can directly cave into your hotel, drop off bags and give your kids some time to relax.

Pre-booking doesn’t end on flights, anything you can book prior to your holiday can reduce your level of worries when you are trying to keep your kids amused, fed and happy on the trip.


2) Explain the Trip to Them-

Giving a precap of the trip will help them understand what is about to happen on the trip. It will make them comfortable and they will cope with you easily. Explaining the journey can include things that will take place on the plane and once you arrive at the destination. It will help them to contemplate things so they can focus on the fun and amend their behaviour.


3) Always Keep the Snacks-

Kids are fussy when it comes to food and the time between meals can get extended due to traffic jams, a longer tour or a delayed flight. The food may be different in that place which will make your kid grab two bites because what they ordered was not up to their expectations. Therefore, having small and transportable snacks with you every time can keep your child full and away from anger.


4) Ask for Child Discounts-

Many people are unaware of the fact that several places provide children discount when you are travelling. There is nothing to feel shy about; instead, it will save you a lot of money when you are travelling. The best things to ask for discounts are-


  • Transportation Charges
  • Private Guides
  • Tours
  • Restaurants


5) Safety and Security- 

No matter where you are going, keep track of your child’s safety. Make sure where your child is and for the emergency sake, provide them with information such as name, contact number, hotel address and some money. Guide them always to inform you where they are whether its the beach or the hotel or tell them to always stay near you.


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