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Here’s Why You Should Plan Your First International Trip With A Travel Agency

August 16, 2022BlogComments Off on Here’s Why You Should Plan Your First International Trip With A Travel Agency
Here’s Why You Should Plan Your First International Trip With A Travel Agency

Here’s Why You Should Plan Your First International Trip With A Travel Agency

Some discounted travel websites might promise you exceptionally low airfare for a Dubai trip, but they will never offer a free upgrade to first class. Hotel review websites will inform you of 100 travelers’ testimonials on breakfast buffets and shower curtains, but they won’t provide personalized recommendations to help choose the best resort for your honeymoon.

A travel agency can make your overseas vacation easier, better, and oftentimes, cheaper.- even after you pay their fees. If you are planning your next overseas vacation with your loved one(s), let Dove Travel and Cruises International Agency take it up for you!

Here’s what you stand to get if you plan your vacation with travel agencies:

Get Treated Like Royalty

While traveling overseas, you are a tourist and no one knows you- and maybe you even like it that way. But it helps to feel a little tended to on a vacation, doesn’t it? With experienced travel agencies- and that includes us- your travel arrangements are made beforehand, from selecting hotels we know are top-quality to upgrading your room on request if there’s room to do so.

Travel agencies maintain a consistent bond with hotel managements and their robust experience of the people and the place helps them recommend the best hotels and amenities for your convenience. Do not be surprised if you see a free spa treatment or a complimentary fruit basket awaiting you even when the hotel is having the busiest day!

Know the Unknown Location Better

When you go abroad for a vacation, you dip your feet into strangeness and unfamiliarity. In that scenario, it helps to have someone by your side who knows the place and has had years of experience dealing with it. Moreover, unless you plan to stay at an all-inclusive resort, chances are you want to go around seeing the tourist spots as well as the local cultural hubs in an unfamiliar country. For that, a travel agency is indispensable.

It can be quite daunting planning a safari trip in Africa, especially with you sitting back on your comfortable desk at home. With a travel agency, you get ample information about the new location while still not having to plan every detail of the trip all by yourself.

Get Your Unique Travel Needs Addressed

With niche travel agents offering international trip packages, you can be transparent about your individual needs. If you are planning a spiritual pilgrimage, a travel agent can get you a discounted airfare or even open-ended tickets. Similarly, for an LGBTQIA+ wedding overseas, we can help find the most amenable location to ensure your safety and dignity is maintained. If you are traveling with children, we can find you hotels that will treat them well and be welcoming to their needs. Even for clients with physical challenges or limited mobility, there’s a whole world of support travel agencies can offer.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The benefits of getting a travel agency to take care of your next international vacation runs way deeper. But it is always better experienced than read about. Give us a call to plan your dream vacation today!


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