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Five Smart Ways to Plan a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

April 4, 2020BlogComments Off on Five Smart Ways to Plan a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation to your favorite destination is probably the most exciting thing to do during the holiday season. However, when it comes to booking hotels, creating itineraries, and looking up for the best flights, it may just sound too overwhelming. And why it shouldn’t be. The costs of a family holiday add up quickly to your expenses and hassles.

But worry not; there are some ways you can take your kids to weekend getaways or long trips without going broke each time. Following is a list of ways to help you plan an awesome family vacation:

#1 – Early Booking

The wisest step to save money on your family holiday is to book your tickets early. There are many hotels, airlines and travel agencies that provide you with immense incentives if you make the booking with them at least two to three months in advance. Many even give you the option of setting up price alerts where you get an email from them once the price drops or any discounts are available.

#2 – Being Flexible with Your Dates

Of course, you want to plan your travel as per your work schedule and maximize your vacation time by flying to and fro during the weekends. But do you know that airfares and hotel prices spike at that time and are considerably higher than what you may pay for on mid-week days? So, it is better to be open-ended for the travel date and time to save some money and leave the extra for other excursions and hotel upgrades.

#3 – Choosing a Not-So-Expensive Destination

Visiting the highly touristy attractions or popular destinations is generally on the costlier side. Thus, a smart way to get a good vacation deal is to skip out on those cities and instead look for other equally enjoyable choices. Also, when it comes to booking hotels, choose to stay a bit outside the city. That will not only offer you relaxing and quieter times at night, but also save a tremendous amount of money.

#4 – Using Travel Rewards

Several banks provide travel reward credit cards, which if used responsibly, can be a great way to bring down overall expenses of your upcoming family holiday. You get generous sign-up bonuses and points on your everyday shopping. These earnings can further be used at any time for your travel purposes and avail discounts when eating at a famous food joint or staying at a hotel.

#5 – Looking for Free Things to Do

Once you dig deeper into the information of destinations you wish to visit, you will be amazed to see how a majority of them offer free activities for families. There are well-maintained local parks and public beaches that don’t really cost a thing, and yet are perfect locations to spend your time at. Some cities even have museums and attractions opened for the public free of cost once in a month. Therefore, do your search and plan accordingly.

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