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Checklist for a Road Trip

May 28, 2020BlogComments Off on Checklist for a Road Trip

Road trips are fun as we see in the movies, where a group friends impulsively take their car out and hit the road instantly. That sounds so easy but is it really that simple? Apparently, planning a road trip requires a lot of groundwork to be done before you head out.


It starts by picking out a destination and asking questions like- what is the best route to take? When should we commence the trip? What will be the road and weather conditions? How many of my friends are ready to go? and many such questions.


You must carry all the essential things that will prove to be useful during the course of your road trip. Apart from that, you must book a hotel before the beginning of your trip so that you can head straight to your hotel after a tiring drive. You can confer discounts for pre-booking a hotel.


Various other factors need to be considered before you take the wheel-


1) Select a Target Destination-


You cannot just start the car and wander around without having to choose the right destination. Ask your friends whether they would like to travel to a hilly area to experience different and extreme landscapes or plan out for a beach before rocking the shores? Upon deciding a destination, you must ensure the best time to travel to that place since the weather conditions may not be suitable during a particular time of the year. Once you have decided the destination, it is now time to consider other essential things.


2) Finalize your Ride-


It is great if you own a car; all you have to do is check the given factors before taking it down the road-


  • License- It is a must since you cannot drive without it.
  • A copy of your car’s insurance policy- Keep it just to be on the safer side.
  • Your car’s manual- Because you might need to operate a part.
  • Spare tyre and tools- Anything can cause a flat tyre, and you might need to change it.
  • Roadside emergency kit- In case of an accident.


Besides, your car must be in good condition. Don’t worry if you do not own a car but are fond of road trips; you can always rent a car at fair prices; ensure that you are licensed to rent and drive a car. Rent the car model that can endure the potholes if you are driving in diversified terrain or that offers a better mileage for long tours.


3) Essential Requirements for a Road Trip-


The most important part of the road trip is to be prepared for the unexpected. Here are some basic set of things that you might need-


  • Spare money for toll tax
  • Flashlight for using during night
  • Smartphone and a Charger
  • Icebox and Water Bottles
  • Toilet Roll and Hand Sanitizer
  • Blanket
  • Portable Wi-Fi
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreens
  • Camera
  • A Good Book
  • A kickass Road Trip Playlist
  • Packaged Food


4) Not to Spare fuel-


Depending upon the car model and the duration of your trip, you must carry extra fuel in a solid canister with a tight seal. Depending upon the route you choose, there may be a few fuel stations or none at all; it is better to stay on the safer side by carrying some extra fuel.


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