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Best Beach Destinations To Consider For Your Honeymoon

January 25, 2017BlogComments Off on Best Beach Destinations To Consider For Your Honeymoon

Planning for a wedding is hectic and keeps you busy throughout the planning stages. Your honeymoon is a chance to kick back and relax after all the activity of making your big day special. You want your honeymoon to be magical and unforgettable as you bond with your partner. Beaches destinations are a favorite with honeymooners for their romantic ambience and relaxing atmosphere. You have lots of options that you are absolutely spoilt for choice. There are those few beach destinations that however stand out for their glorious beaches and awesome resorts.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos Islands are among the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. They are an archipelago of islands that consist of forty coral islands south east of the Bahamas. They consist of pristine beaches, beautiful clear water and   miles of white beaches. If you are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, this should be among your first considerations for an exotic getaway. 

An all inclusive honeymoon package in Nashville is among the topmost choice in just about any travel agency and you will be truly spoilt for choice. Turks and Caicos are any diver’s dream, lie on the sandy beaches and get a tan as the crystal waters lap gently on the shore. Go bird watching or whale sighting if you are a nature enthusiast. Go to bed on a turned down bed sprinkled with flower petals, wake up to a bottle of chilled wine, or a delightful candle lit dinner under the starry skies. There is simply so much to do and experience you will not want your honeymoon to end!


The Bahamas is a coral archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. It has an amazing array of 700 islands and cays that range from habited to uninhabited. The habited are full of resorts that are among the most exotic in the world. The beauty of these islands is that they are just 50 miles from Florida, and are the most exotic get away for a honeymoon you will get anywhere. 

The azure water, the delightful, mild temperatures all year through, exquisite coral reefs are all part of the wonders of these paradise islands. Honeymooners love the Bahamas, it has lots to do, snorkeling is a favorite among water lovers, marvel at the sandbars, go gaming in the casinos, shop till you drop. It is the quintessential mix of the old and new, nature and man-made. Paradise redefined with an all inclusive package!


The name Jamaica triggers thoughts of magical beaches bursting with color. Beaches in Jamaica are sun-kissed all year round, the turquoise water shimmers in the distance, gently inviting you to take a dip. The Jamaican people speak with a delightful lilt and are ever so friendly and helpful, and you may never want to leave! You are at liberty to become a jet setter and hop around Jamaica’s islands on one amazing package. 

Explore Jamaica’s lushness, swim in the crystal clear waters, dine or picnic on the beaches. There is simply no end to the things you can do in Jamaica. You would probably have to make several trips and still not get enough of the stunning beauty that is Jamaica.


Barbados conjures up an image of exotic, almost untouched, powder white beaches, and the rich history of the Bajan people. Partake of the rum that is an integral part of the island’s culture, visit the famous underground caves and swim with the giant sea turtles. There is a host of things to be done in Barbados. Get yourself a honeymoon package that will blow your mind away and you can start off your marriage on the most romantic islands on earth!

Honeymoons are meant to be enjoyed thoroughly. It should be a crime to go on a honeymoon and not go to the most romantic beaches on earth. Walk the pristine beaches, sunbathe under palm trees, swim in the crystal clear water, dine outdoors and watch the exquisite sun set over the water – these are all experiences you can enjoy with all inclusive honeymoon vacations!

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