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7 Packing Tips To Help You Get Ready For Your Cruise

October 28, 2015BlogComments Off on 7 Packing Tips To Help You Get Ready For Your Cruise

Preparing for a cruise vacation may not be as easy as you think, especially when it comes to packing for the trip. This is even harder if you want to fit every necessary item in only one or two bags or suitcases. It is important to remember that what you bring with you on your cruise can greatly affect how you enjoy your time. Packing light and right can help you avoid long checks and extra baggage fees, and also allow you to shop on the cruise for souvenirs rather than necessities. Here are a few tips to help you create a reasonable packing list.

Carry basic essentials in your carry-ons

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These are the items that you are allowed to carry into the passenger area. Essentially, they are for use during that period when you do not have your luggage with you. In case your bags get lost in the confusion of transporting passenger cargo, or your bags get delayed when being delivered to your cabin, you are sure to have a contingency supply in your carry-ons. You can still be able to enjoy on-board activities like swimming or dining before you get your luggage. Remember to pack your travel documents as well.

Adhere to the dress codes

Depending on the destination and the type of passengers, the dress code may vary from formal to elegantly casual. Some lines demand a specific code during dinner or performance nights. Therefore, inquire beforehand what you are required to wear. You will save a lot of space if you decide to hire an on-board rental service for your formal wear. Otherwise, make sure you only pack the necessary number of formals and casuals.

If you get a honeymoon package from Nashville for a cruise, pack clothes that will match the romantic nature of the trip. Also, some destinations are more fun oriented than formal, so make sure you are ready for them. For example, when going to Hawaii or the Caribbean, you may need to pack up more beach wear than if you were going to the Bermuda golf plains.

Plan for on-board laundry

Check whether your ship offers on board laundry services. This means that you can pack light and clean your clothes regularly once they get dirty. Avoid additional expenses on your laundry by carrying your own washing agents and cleaning some of your items manually- like underwear and T-shirts. Also, some ships offer this service as a complimentary service to certain guests, so you inquire what you need to do to be considered for this package.

Carry basic toiletries- just in case

Arrange to have your basic toiletries with you, like soaps, shower gels and shampoos. This is a good idea especially if you are in a main cabin as sometimes the toiletries provided are quite limited and may not last you the whole time.

Do not pack bulky bathrobes and towels

Bathrobes and towels are usually very bulky and will fill up your luggage unnecessarily. Both luxurious and mainstream cabins usually have these amenities for all the passengers on board. Therefore, do not overburden yourself.

Mix and match

Carry clothes that can be worn severally on different occasions. It will also help if you have them in neutral colours as it is easier to mix and match them and come up with different outfits. You need to get fashionably creative here!

Leave room for souvenirs

Do not forget that you are on a trip and you will definitely purchase items for souvenirs sake. Therefore, leave room in your bags for these items so that you can carry them back home with you. Otherwise, it may cost you more money to buy extra bags just to carry your souvenirs back.

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